- Welcome to World Changing Copy -

I'm in the world-changing business... and so are you. 
You play a role in shaping the community you're in.
Every aspect of your company touches the lives of your employees.
 And I think we will do great things together. 

First things first...

Are we a good match?
I want to know the answer as much as you do.
So... let's get straight to the point.

If you are...

✧ A Fair Trade Certified Company that truly cares about its people 
✧ A Nutritionally-Focused Company that helps customers live vibrantly 
✧ A Wellness-Infusing Company that knows true health starts within 
✧ A Planet-Protecting Company that approaches its relationship with the earth symbiotically
✧ A Sustainably Farming Company that protects the natural resources at its disposal...

... you're the kind of company I want to grow.

And you need...

✧ Accurate Product Descriptions that can make picky eaters try your weirdest offering 
✧ Dependable Blog Posts that can explain Paleo, AIP, or Whole30 (to name a few...) 
✧ Killer Website Copy that not only works with the search engines but also holds your audience's attention
Case Studies that showcase your most loyal fans... 

... I'm the kind of person you can put to work.

And we may just be a match made in heaven.

At the very least, a match made in a little slice of heaven. Maybe at the foot of a pristine waterfall untouched by human hands? Or a tranquil, mossy forest... Or a wide-open, wind-swept prairie!

Sorry... nature tends to carry me away! 

Hey there, friend... let's talk!

You can call me Jess. And I’m on a mission to change the world.

Lofty… I know.

But then, if you’re reading this, it’s probably because you have that same drive.

You may not think of it in those terms. But something made you decide to create something GOOD for humanity and our world.

Every customer touched by your creations changes things just a bit. And I believe the cumulative effect of all those individual lives can actually redirect the course of history!

It’s no stretch in my mind to say… “Let’s go change the world together.” 

If your Health-and-Wellness website needs some time at the gym…
If your low-carb snack company needs a B12 shot…
If your organic, whole-grained sales are falling flat…
you’ve come to the right woman.

We'll have them devouring your content, eating straight out of your hand! And when they're doing that, well... you know. 

Things change. ;) 

YOUR world changes when my writing elevates your business.
MY world changes when this career grows next to yours.
THE world changes when we work together to promote sustainably sourced, good-for-you brands.


What my clients have to say about my work...

I could try to wax eloquent about myself and convince you of my abilities, but that's just no fun. Besides, I'm sure you would rather hear from someone else anyway. So here's where I hand the mic to people who've trusted me with their businesses. Let them have their say instead!

Testimonial - Newsletter

Jessica has managed and written our organization's newsletter for months now. Her creative contributions and ability to craft compelling wordage that conveys our mission are exactly what we needed!

Julie C. 501c3 Director